We believe that all children deserve access to safe, quality play.

Our Mission

Hoot Studio serves ALL families in our community by offering a variety of inclusive, quality play-based services. Families can expect a warm, inviting atmosphere. Hoot serves as a supportive center for the entire family unit. Parents can network with those who understand their struggles, concerns, joys, and successes. Our supervised play allows parents to take a much needed break. We believe in the beauty of diversity. Siblings and peers without special needs are invited to join the fun as we strive to cultivate stronger families, friendships, and communities. 

Who We Serve

We encourage all families to come play at Hoot Studio to see if our facility and services are a good fit for your needs.

Hoot Studio will be a one-of-a-kind indoor play space in Columbus, Ohio. It will have a unique combination of equipment for children with special needs who would still like to swing, climb, jump, or who choose to play more quietly. Let the fun begin!
— Pam Carlson, Columbus-based Occupational Therapist