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Parents, Chris and Anna want to hear from you. Do you have ideas about equipment, classes, or services you would like to see offered at Hoot Studio? Let us know by using the form below. Thanks for giving a Hoot!

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Hello! My name is Anna Brown and I have been working with children with special needs for over eight years as a behavioral therapist. I received my Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University and employ that framework for approaching all things in my life. My husband, Chris, and I are both graduates of The Ohio State University and love the great city of Columbus (O-H!). We have a two young children who are our sunshine and Hoot's youngest ambassadors. Powell, Ohio is a thriving community full of diversity both across its residents and businesses. We believe it is the perfect place for Hoot Studio.

I hope to see you soon at Hoot,




Powell, Ohio has been selected as the flagship location for Hoot Studio. The Hoot Studio Team is thrilled to bring our facility to such a vibrant community. Additional future locations are planned. 

Contact us with any inquiries via email at or using the form below.

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