Hoot Studio is an inclusive play cafe in Powell, Ohio. We believe in the beauty of diversity and strive to make our community a more compassionate place. Children of all abilities are invited to join the fun as we strive to meet the needs of the individual .

Our play cafe provides staff-supervised play where your children get to build their social skills and confidence with our qualified play coaches.

A variety of inclusive classes including art, music, yoga, and social skills are also offered at our play cafe.

Several birthday party rental packages are available and can be customized with fun themes, pizza, and cookies. Come party with us and let us worry about all the details and cleanup!

Hoot Studio Staff

Supervised Play

$9/hr for first child $6/hr for each additional child

Parent/Guardian Supervised Play

$6/hr for first child $3/hr for each additional child

Members Enjoy Unlimited Play

Memberships start at just $49.99/month

For parents seeking a place to work, a break from their kid or just a place for your kids to socialize with other children, Hoot is the best! Our LO is an only child who’s never had to go to daycare and the amount of time he’s spent at Hoot has helped him to play and share with other kiddos!
— Lana | one of our cherished members

Featured Offer

Monthly Membership: two children

Unlimited supervised open play for both children, and 10% discounts on classes and party rentals.